Your Carpet Renewed - And Made to Last Longer!

Power stretch your carpet back into shape and eliminate unseemly buckles, wrinkles and bubbles in your carpet! There's no need for pricey carpet replacement.

A professional restretching and reseaming will tighten and flatten your carpet and help prevent future buckles. A wrinkled carpet's fibers wear down faster and shorten the life of your carpet.

No More Wrinkles and buckles!

Wrinkles and buckles also present a safety hazard to those walking over them! Call us now for your free, no-obligation estimate.

We'll send out an expert carpet technician to restretch, cut and reseam your carpet to look like new again!

Repair - As Good As New

We also provide small and large carpet repair service. Whether your carpet has come loose or unseamed, your dog has torn a hole in your living room, or your iron has burned a hole in your bedroom, let one of our technicians come out and patch it up!

Carpet repair costs far less than having carpet reinstalled from wall to wall. For smaller repairs, our technicians can use your remnants or pieces from your closet to replace damaged areas.

If you find that you'd prefer a new look altogether, call us for an onsite carpet sample showing and estimate on installation.

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