Carpet and Rug Care Tips & Information

Vacuuming Prolongs Carpet & Rug Life

  • Vacuum your carpets weekly, or, in the case of heavy traffic areas, as often as necessary to keep dirt from being ground into the carpet fibers.
  • Vacuum efficiently. Move the vacuum against the grain to remove embedded dirt, with the grain to remove surface soils.
  • Vacuum area rug backings to remove dirt that has filtered down into it.
  • Protect your floors. Station mats at entrances, indoor and outdoor, to trap incoming dirt. Encourage their use and clean them regularly.
  • Never let a spill sit. Staining substances need time to do damage, so don't give it a chance!
  • Rearrange furniture to avoid heavily soiled areas or excessive wear.

Your Vacuum

  • Do invest in a more powerful vacuum. Carpets need to be deep cleaned to retain their beauty and reduce wear.

Stopping Stains

  • Immediately pick up solids, avoiding smearing.
  • Absorb all liquid possible by laying a clean, white, highly absorbent towel over the spill.
  • Thoroughly spray the spill area with carpet cleanser or spot remover.
  • Allow the cleanser to stand 1-3 minutes.
  • Take a clean, white towel and gently wipe from the spill edges to the center, lifting up the stain. Re-apply cleanser or spot remover as needed.
  • Blot the cleaned area with a clean, white, highly absorbent towel to remove any moisture.

Stain Removers and Your Carpet Color

  • Before using any product to remove a stain on your carpet, test an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness. Discoloration from chemical reactions to carpet dye cannot be ‘cleaned'. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut only uses non-toxic, organic cleansers for safe stain removal.

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