Fresh, deep down cleaning that refreshes your whole house

A clean carpet can create a wonderful burst of freshness in any home.

When your carpet is clean, springy underfoot, and soft to the touch - inviting you to kick off your shoes at the door - it becomes the single most comfortable and comforting element of your home.

Protect Your Investment

Carpeting is a major investment in a home and is often a distinctive design decision that impacts the entire interior. Besides cleaning, we also do carpet repair & restretching.

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut understands the importance of maintaining your investment and keeping your home looking fantastic through the high-quality, deep-down cleansing of your carpets. We know that a regularly cleaned carpet is a longer-lasting carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut carpet professionals are well trained in cleaning every type of carpet. Whether your carpet is sculpted, shag, Berber, or any other weave, our service pros know the best carpet care system to use. We are prepared to provide superior carpet cleaning for any carpet material, from wools to synthetics, with excellent results that leave carpets spotless and totally refreshed.

Safe Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning solutions are 100 percent safe for children and pets - non-toxic and organic - and are applied using our mobile hot-water extraction equipment, which ensures a deep, thorough cleansing that is gentle on carpet fibers. Pet stains, high-traffic area dirt, food and drink spills are all removed - plus their odors!

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut is proud to offer fully hassle-free service. Simply remove your fragile items or valuables from rooms being cleaned, and we will do the rest!

Trust Us To Give You The Results You Want!

When you call Carpet Cleaning Connecticut, our professionals will arrange to meet with you in person to conduct a pre-cleaning inspection to identify problem areas, carpet types, and answer any questions you may have about the cleaning process. From there, we take your cleaning project completely off your hands!

Our experts will carefully remove any furniture (excepting very large items, such as entertainment centers or pianos) from rooms designated for carpet cleaning. They will also pre-treat stains and high traffic areas before using our powerful dry-vacuum system to remove loose dirt in the carpets.

The Process That Works

Next, our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied and allowed to penetrate the carpet fibers. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to dynamically agitate carpet fibers to gently, but thoroughly, lift soil from the carpet. The powerful steam cleaner leaves your carpet magnificently clean and fresh.

At last, our mobile hot-water extraction equipment removes all excess moisture from the carpet, leaving it beautifully lush and very nearly dry.

The cleaning process finishes with the application of organic deodorizers for fullest freshness and the careful replacement of your furniture, using pads to protect your carpet as it finishes drying.

Call us today to get those dirty carpets off of your hands and into ours!

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