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Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Does it take long to clean my carpets or rugs?

No. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut knows your time is valuable. Carpet or rug cleaning averages about 20 minutes per room. This time may be slightly longer if your rooms are larger than average, you have more furniture than usual to be moved, or you have an extensively, heavily soiled area that requires sustained pre-treatments.

Do I need to do anything special before you come to clean my carpet or rug?

No. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut is a totally trouble-free cleaning service. Our technicians will move your furniture with care, all we ask is that you remove fragile items to secure locations for safekeeping.

Why not clean my carpets and rugs myself?

Many homeowners do clean their carpets and rugs with household-grade, portable steam cleaners. The drawback is that this equipment simply does not have the power to accomplish a true, deep cleaning of carpet fibers. In addition, such cleaners do not have the ability to extract water fully, leaving the potential for mold and mildew to grow in your carpets and rugs.

If I have my carpet or rug cleaned, will it re-soil more quickly?

Not if you have your floor coverings cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Connecticut. Concerns with rapid re-soiling arise when traditional cleaners are used and leave a residue behind that attracts dirt. The all-natural, non-toxic cleansers used by Carpet Cleaning Connecticut, along with our powerful extraction equipment, make concerns about re-soiling non-existent.

Can my carpet be damaged by water?

Yes. Carpets or rugs that do not have water completely extracted, to nearly dry conditions, run the risk of sustaining mold and mildew, along with stains. Our powerful industrial-grade extraction units produce a final state of over 95 percent dry.

95 percent dry is good, but when will my carpet be 100 percent dry?

On average, your carpet will be fully dry within 2 - 24 hours. The variance is due to carpet type, humidity levels, and airflow. Running your air-conditioner or heater can speed drying times. Carpets are dry enough to walk on the moment our cleaning process is done, but it is best to remove street shoes to avoid re-soiling.

Are your cleaning products harmful to my kids or pets?

No. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut uses specially selected, fully researched eco-friendly, non-toxic cleansers. Safety for you and your family is important to us.

Upholstered furniture cleaning

Should I have my upholstered furniture cleaned regularly?

Yes. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut suggests following manufacturer's recommendations, which are normally to have your upholstered furniture cleaned every 12-24 months, depending on use.

Should my upholstered furniture be cleaned professionally?

Yes. At least 80 percent of the dirt brought into your home winds up in your carpets and on your upholstered furniture. Professionally cleaning your upholstery is beneficial in two ways: thoroughly removing surface and ground-in dirt adds to the life of the fabric and the removal of dust-borne allergens improves the air quality in your home. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut upholstery cleaning services protect the health of your family and help retain the beauty of your upholstery.

Does my upholstered furniture have to be cleaned in my home?

No. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut has a fully equipped sanitizing facility where your upholstered items can be thoroughly cleaned and dried. We remove, clean, and return your furnishings with our trouble-free service.

What do you do to get my upholstery clean?

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut has a certified, efficient, step-by-step cleaning process that ensures completely satisfactory results. Our technicians identify heavily soiled and stained areas, pre-treat areas with our special solvents, hand agitate upholstery to assure a deep-down cleaning, and then use a hot water rinse and extraction with our powerful mobile equipment to complete the cleaning. A protective coating is applied, much like the one used on your new furnishings to prolongs the life of your fabric and the look of your professional cleaning.

Will it take long for my furniture to dry?

No. The amount of time for your furnishings to achieve a 100 percent dry state can vary, due to air ventilation and the level of humidity, however, on average upholstered furniture will be dry within one to six hours.

Flood and Water Damage

Do I really need a professional to clean up water damage?

Yes. Household quality ‘shop-vacs' simply do not have the power necessary to extract water to the extent necessary to ensure microbial growth, or secondary damage, will not occur. It is essential when cleaning up water damage to extract all water from all floor coverings - carpets, rugs, and their padding. Carpet Cleaning Connecticut can achieve not only deep-down water extraction with our powerful mobile equipment, but we also apply mold and mildew inhibiting solutions to give further resistance to secondary damage. Our highly trained experts can erase all traces of your water damage crisis and leave your home fresh and sanitized.

How do I know what needs to be done to salvage my carpeting, rugs, and hardwood floors?

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut's expert cleanup technicians will conduct an in-depth inspection with you and explain what can be done to salvage areas damaged by water inundation. Many factors will affect the cost, amount of work to be done, and what can be salvaged. These include the amount of water involved, how long the water has been standing, if the water is contaminated, and if microbial damage has taken place. Our careful inspection will provide us with enough information to recommend appropriate cleaning processes. Carpeting and padding can, when circumstances allow, be cleaned and water extracted allowing it to be completely salvaged. Hardwood floors may also be cleaned and thoroughly dried, achieving a fully salvaged restoration. We know how overwhelming a water damage event can be, and we are ready to help you.

My water damage seemed minimal, and I cleaned it up myself. Will my carpet be ok?

Don't wonder about it, call Carpet Cleaning Connecticut. We will respond with a free consultation by one of our expert technicians, who will be happy to inspect your water damage and determine if there is any threat of secondary damage due to microbial growth or still-damp floor coverings.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Is there really a need to have my tile and grout professionally cleaned?

Yes. Tile and grout can become dull over time through normal wear and tear. Embedded dirt cannot be removed by traditional household cleaning methods. Our special cleansers, expert cleaning techniques and powerful mobile extraction unit ensures that ground in dirt and stubborn stains are completely removed, leaving your tiles lustrous and sanitized.

Is a sealant really necessary for grout lines?

Yes. Our eco-friendly sealant is the perfect protection for the porous surface of grout. After a thorough cleaning, it provides a stain and dirt barrier that keeps grout looking fresh and bright even in the most active areas of your home.

Should I have my tile floors cleaned regularly?

Yes. Depending on the location, type, and extent of wear and foot traffic, your tile floors will benefit from being cleaned every 12-24 months. If you aren't sure, please call one of our expert tile technicians and ask. Our in-home consultations are free and can quickly answer your tile cleaning concerns.

Does it take long to clean my tile floors

No. However, several factors will determine if your cleaning needs fall within the average time of around 30-60 minutes per room. Applying tile and grout sealant normally extends average cleaning times by 2-3 hours.

Does it take long for the sealant to dry?

No. Normally, sealant will be completely dry in 24 hours. We usually advise waiting 30 minutes before walking on newly sealed floors. Your Carpet Cleaning Connecticut technician will explain any recommendations and answer any questions you have before and after the cleaning and sealant processes.

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