Flood and Water Damage Tips & Information

Ten Things You CAN Do In An Emergency

  • 1. Call Carpet Cleaning Connecticut - 24/7 - We are here to help you!
  • 2. Do not enter rooms with wet or sagging ceilings.
  • 3. Do not walk through gray or black water or handle anything in it, this is contaminated, dangerous water.
  • 4. Do not turn on fans, heating or air conditioning systems.
  • 5. If possible, turn off the source of any clear water that is flooding your home.
  • 6. Turn off electricity to flooded areas of your home - if it can be done SAFELY.
  • 7. Remove electrical devices from flooded areas in your home - if it can be done SAFELY.
  • 8. Stay off wet carpets and rugs, if at all possible, to avoid further damage.
  • 9. If possible, remove smaller furnishings from wet carpet as soon as possible. Aluminum foil or wax paper can be used under large furniture pieces to reduce the chance of carpet stains.
  • 10. Do not use vacuums or ‘shop-vacs' due to the chance of electrical shock.

Flood Water Alert

Flood waters are dangerous and it is can be critical to your safety to get expert help immediately before trying to take clean up steps yourself. Learn the 3 categories of flood waters and know that any category can degenerate into the next, more dangerous category, very quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut has extensive experience handling emergency water events and cleanup. Please let us assure your safety. Call us before attempting a potentially dangerous cleanup yourself.

Category 1—clear water
Normally a water damage event originating from a source - a broken pipe or water heater - for example, and is not considered an immediate, toxic danger.

Category 2- gray water
Water with a gray, filmy, or murky appearance may hold enough contaminants to cause discomfort or illness. Clear water (Category 1) can degenerate to Gray water within 24-72 hours.

Category 3- black water
Usually seen in mass flooding or sewage release is extremely dangerous and wholly unsanitary, being loaded with microbial and pathogenic agents. No one should risk exposure to this category of flood water. It is toxic to humans and animals.

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