Tile & Grout Care Tips & Information

Tile Floor Maintenance

  • Remove loose dirt and debris weekly by sweeping or vacuuming.
  • Clean weekly using a manufacturer recommended cleanser, followed by a warm water rinse.
  • Do not use ammonia or bleaches to clean tile flooring. Cleansers containing these agents can cause the grout to discolor.
  • Steel wool or abrasive cleaning pads should not be used on tile, as they damage the surface, dulling it and allowing dirt to become embedded.
  • Tile floors should not be waxed.
  • Unsealed grout can easily stain due to its' porous nature. Be sure to remove spilled substances immediately and use a manufacturer recommended cleanser, if necessary.
  • As with carpets, use protective mats at entrance doors to collect loose dirt and heavy soil before it is deposited on your tile floors.
  • Metal furniture can rust especially where legs rest on tile floors, and will stain the tiles unless protective pads are used to prevent it.

Other Tile Surface Maintenance

Tile shower walls should be wiped down after being used or cleaned to deter chemical or soap residues and avoid growth of mold and mildew.

Professionally cleaned tile countertops will buff to a lustrous sheen between cleanings with a soft, nap-free cloth.

Protecting Your Tile

Tile and grout sealants protect tile and grout surfaces, making them easier to keep clean and prolonging their beautiful shine. Applications every 6-12 months ensure your tile and grout are protected.

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