Ensuring a Safe And Healthy Environment

Cleaning Safely For A Healthy Home

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut does extensive research of every cleaning solution before including it in our organic arsenal of cleansing weapons.

We consider only products made of superior, non-toxic ingredients with a highly effective cleaning power.

Sanitized & Healthy

Our service policy is to bring you exceptional cleaning processes that leave your home sanitized and safe for every family member.

We know many products are available that contain toxic chemicals capable of creating health hazards for people with asthma or severe allergies, as well as the very young and elderly members of your household.

We never make a negative contribution to any home environment - on the contrary - our goal is to use cleansing products that heighten the cleanliness of your home.

Works As Well - and Safer!

Carpet Cleaning Connecticut is proud to fully support eco-friendly, all-natural, organic products whose use ensures a healthy, safe environment in your home. Your safety, and the safety of your family and pets, is important to us.

Our certified technicians are happy to explain any of our environmentally safe cleaning products prior to using them in your home. We care for your family as if it were our own.

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